Other Services

X Double Dot provides support for the organizational aspects of ensuring successful efforts. Our experience includes both with the programmatic aspects of project management, and the human factors of cultivating a highly effective team.

Programmatic Support

X Double Dot can apply our experience working on a variety of projects to assist both project offices and contractors. Feedback and outside perspectives at critical steps in the development process can yield a high return by leveraging our experience. We can assist in all stages of projects, from initiation to closing the work. Some of the tasks we have performed are:

Team Support

The most critical element to the success of any group endeavor is a motivated team that works well together, because that foundation allows the group to adapt to whatever challenges arise. However, achieving excellence in this regard demands a continuous commitment to improvement.

We offer a combination of experience with direct technical management, working within a range of commercial and academic cultures, and our own commitment to continuous improvement with the development of intra- and interpersonal skills for team building; including organizational dynamics, leadership, interpersonal communication, negotiation, positive psychology, mindfulness, philosophy, etc...

We can assist your organization's commitment to excellence by providing assessments, mentoring, or workshops to help it become the most productive and satisfying team it can be.