Other Services

X Double Dot can offer assistance with the management aspects of ensuring successful efforts. Our experience includes both with the programmatic aspects of project management, and the human factors of cultivating a highly effective team.

Programmatic Support

X Double Dot can apply our experience working on a variety of projects to assist both project offices and contractors. Feedback and outside perspectives at critical steps in the development process can yield a very high return on investment by leveraging the hard won experience of others. We can assist in all stages of projects, from initiation to closing the work. Some of the tasks we've performed are:

Team Support

Perhaps the element most critical to the success of any group endeavor is a motivated team that works well together. Unfortunately, the team building and personnel management skills to cultivate this are seldom part of a technical manager's formal education. New managers are frequently left to learn as they go in an often bumpy process.

At X Double Dot, we've seen plenty of bumps and continue to learn as we go. Along the way, we have collected effective approaches to many of the common challenges that may be useful for other groups as well. Some of the outcomes we might help facilitate are: