About Us

Our mission at X Double Dot is to help our clients deliver complex multi-disciplinary systems.

We perform this service to make worthwhile contributions to our global community. By maximizing our client's capabilities, we help them develop effective solutions to the challenges facing our society. And, just as we support a variety of clients, the real-world impacts span a diverse range. More capable remote sensing systems further understanding of our world; expanding scientific knowledge, informing policy decisions, and enhancing security. While advanced communication systems help unify distributed efforts, share knowledge and bring our global community closer together.

Our name is derived from Isaac Newton's dot notation, which is shorthand for the derivative of a variable with respect to time. A double dotted position variable represents its second derivative, or acceleration. For X Double Dot our name has a double meaning, referring both to our goal of accelerating clients toward success and our particular emphasis on dynamic systems.

Key Staff

Byron Smith, President